Aerosol Pest control
For domestic Use


Enviroscab® is a pest control aerosol spray designed to treat bedding (mattresses, pillows, quilt covers, duvets), sofas, cushions, car seats and other materials that cannot be cleaned in a washing machine (e.g. certain items of clothing, shoes, some fabric types, helmets, etc.).
Enviroscab® works on:
- Itch mites
- Head and body lice
- Fleas
- Bedbugs
- Dust mites
These pests are spread via human contact, both direct (body to body, hair, etc.) and indirect (fabrics).
Enviroscab® must be used alongside human medical treatment of the infestation.
Treating the home with Enviroscab® is needed to limit the spread through fabrics.

Enviroscab® is the first proven effective itch mites.




If linens cannot be cleaned in a washing machine at that temperature, use Enviroscab® to disinfect them relatively quickly.
Spray 30 cm from the surface to be treated and leave to dry before any contact with people or animals. The items disinfected by Enviroscab® can be reused six hours after spraying.


Packaging, ACL code:

Aerosol 200 ml , ACL : 3401560125719

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