Neoliss Plus Face

Rich cream scented texture


Neoliss® Plus Face prevents and corrects the signs of aging on the skin. Neoliss® Plus Face is used for dry to normal skins in case of skin imperfections, irregularities and loss of radiance, sagging skin and signs of dryness of the skin.


Neoliss® Plus Face is a smoothing, redensifying and moisturizing cream containing recognized active ingredients :
- The Glycolic Acid and the Lactic Acid, highly concentrated, exfoliate the surface cells of your skin, making it soft. These active ingredients smooth roughness,refine the skin texture and are known for their anti-aging properties by increasing collagen synthesis.
- The Hyaluronic Acid is known for its moisturizing and anti-aging properties by stimulating cell activity.
- Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that prevents skin aging due to oxidation of the cells.
- The Glycerin is a natural moisturizing factor that binds moisture in the skin and improves the skin comfort.
- The Shea Butter is a lipid-replenishing active ingredient that helps restore the skin barrier.


Apply once or twice daily on the face and neck. Avoid the eye area. Sensation of tightness or discomfort might be felt, in this case, space out its use. Do not expose yourself to sunlight during the treatment.


Packaging, ACL code:

Airless tube 30 ml , ACL : 3401360111844

Ingredients :

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