Neoliss 5 Mattifying Solution

Indications :

Neoliss 5 Mattifying Solution cleanses deeply combination and oily skins, therefore improving skin radiance. It also prepares the skin for dermatological cares by optimizing their efficacy.

Properties :

Neoliss 5 Mattifying Solution is soap free and fragrance free. Enriched in glycolic acid, an exfoliating and mattifying agent, this micellar solution eliminates all impurities, superficial skin cells as well as make up. pH : 4.3

Use :

Apply on a piece of cotton disc or pad and gently rub your skin. Without rinsing. Avoid contact with eyes and mucus membranes. In case of important feeling of irritation, space out its use. Do not expose yourself to sunlight during the treatment.

Packaging, ACL code:

200ml flacon, ACL : 3401341294696

Ingredients :

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