Neoliss 10 Cream


Neoliss 10 Cream is aimed at dry and sensitive skins that have lost their radiant complexion and in case of skin roughness. It prevents and corrects the signs of aging on the skin.


Neoliss 10 Cream is a skin care, fragrance free, with smoothing and restructuring properties (peeling effect) thanks to its concentration in glycolic acid.


Apply once or twice daily on the face and neck after having cleaned and perfectly dried your skin. Texture allowing the use of make up. Avoid the eye area. Smarting sensations might be felt when the emulsion is applied on the skin. In case of important feeling of irritation, space out its use. Do not expose yourself to sunlight during the treatment.

Packaging, ACL code:

30 ml airless bottle, ACL : 3401398300395

Ingredients :

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