Codexial Dermatologie is an independent pharmaceutical laboratory founded by Pierre Treffel, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and specialist in skin biology and galenic medicine.

The primary vocation of Codexial Dermatologie is to develop dermatological excipients for magistral preparations. The laboratory works in close collaboration with dermatologists to develop its products.

Innovative dermo-cosmetic skin care solutions are prescribed by dermatologists, used and recommended by pharmacists.

Research and development are at the heart of our company's strategy.

The core values of Codexial Dermatologie

Our undertaking

By listening to dermatologists and health-care professionals, Codexial Dermatologie is able to develop products that respond accurately and scrupulously to their requirements and to those of their patients.

Rigor and Safety

Our dermatological excipients are formulated using as few ingredients as possible and the raw materials are rigorously selected to ensure optimum tolerance. Our dermo-cosmetic skin care solutions are designed on the basis of a detailed formulation charter. In addition to undergoing regulatory tests, all our care products undergo clinical trials.

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