The core values of Codexial Dermatologie

Our undertaking: by listening to dermatologists and health-care professionals, Codexial Dermatologie is able to develop products that respond accurately and scrupulously to their requirements and to those of their patients.

Rigor and Safety: our dermatological excipients are formulated using as few ingredients as possible and the raw materials are rigorously selected to ensure optimum tolerance. Our dermo-cosmetic care products are designed on the basis of a detailed formulation charter. In addition to undergoing regulatory tests, all our care products undergo clinical trials.

A company with dermatological expertise

The spirit of innovation lies at the heart of the Company’s strategy. Codexial Dermatologie is permanently turned towards research and development – looking for new solutions to enhance the comfort and care of patients.

Today, products from CODEXIAL, EFFASUN and NEOLISS are used to treat many diseases: atopy, psoriasis, ichtyosis, xerosis, skin ageing, hyperpigmentation...